Ethel Quayle: Child Pornography

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Ethel Quayle: Child Pornography

Child Pornography: An Internet Crime
Routledge | 2003-04-18 | ISBN: 1583912444 | PDF | Pages 248 | 3.53 MB

The book is very well researched and very well written. The authors explore not only the user of child pornogrphy on the Internet, but the psychology of collecting in general and the topic of computer addiction in general. They are quick to relate these topics to the topic at hand.

The authors are cautious against making unwarranted assumptions. They recognize the difference between child pornography and child erotica. In reply to Mr. Mankoff's question, the authors do not assume that all porno collectors are molesters. In fact, they explore the question of whether or not porno prevents contact crimes.

Just in case anyone is interested in using the book as a manual on accessing Internet child […], the authors purposely omit any such information.