Premiere Pro Guru: Transcoding Workflows

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Premiere Pro Guru: Transcoding Workflows

Premiere Pro Guru: Transcoding Workflows
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Adobe Premiere Pro made waves when it started supporting native editing of compressed and raw file formats. It's usually the best decision to edit natively. However, there are still advantages of transcoding or changing the format of the video to facilitate the editing process. Do you know your choices if you do choose a transcoded workflow? Premiere Pro Guru: Transcoding Workflows explores all the relevant tools and techniques to help you decide when and how to transcode. Post-production pro Jason Osder helps you understand the pros and cons of transcoding, and introduces different transcoding workflows for Premiere Pro, Adobe Media Encoder, and Prelude: transcoding at the very beginning, in the middle while you're working, or at the end during output.

Topics include:
  • Different kinds of transcoded workflows
  • Codecs and formats for shooting
  • Important definitions: log, raw, and more
  • Using Premiere, Media Encoder, and Prelude for transcoding
  • Creating transcoded presets
  • Transcoding subclips
  • Rendering and replacing clips
  • Transcoding at the end of an edit