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Professional Image Editing Made Easy with Affinity Photo

Posted By: Free butterfly
Professional Image Editing Made Easy with Affinity Photo

Professional Image Editing Made Easy with Affinity Photo: Apply Affinity Photo fundamentals to your workflows to edit, enhance, and create great images by Jeremy Hazel
English | May 31, 2023 | ISBN: 1800560788 | 464 pages | MOBI | 58 Mb

A comprehensive photo editing guide from a professional artist for Affinity 1.0 and 2.0 users covering best techniques to fix problems in edits and understand workflow

Key Features
Learn to use masking, selection, brushes, blend mode, and color tools in the photo editing workflow
Unveil advanced personas used in the editing pipeline like tone mapping, liquification, and more
Create your own brushes and build your artistic pallet in Affinity Photo
Book Description
In this book, you'll explore the Affinity Photo program through practice-based learning as you make popular photo edits, learning the tools and techniques in conjunction with the workflow concept. Instead of comprehensive description of the tools, you'll learn through practical application and understand why they work, not just how they work. This is neither a technical manual nor a workbook but a project-based hybrid approach that provides a deeper understanding of how to use each tool to achieve your goal.

Starting with the fundamentals of navigating the interface, understanding layers, and making your first edit, this Affinity Photo book gradually increases the complexity of projects. You'll go from single-layer edits, composites, and RAW development to putting together a complex composition using the tools that you've learned along the way. Additionally, you'll learn the best practices used by expert photo editors for a flawless finish.

By the end of this book, you'll have a good body of work, be able to evaluate the edits you want to make, and achieve desired results with Affinity Photo.

What you will learn
Develop a repeatable methodology for use in your photo editing style
Understand the most frequently utilized techniques by professional editors
Complete a body of work for use and reference in future projects
Develop your own libraries of assets, macros, and tone-mapping presets for your style
Recreate popular editing styles used in print and film
Recondition old family photos
Understand and deconstruct other editing styles to expand your knowledge
Who this book is for
If you are a beginner to any form of photo editing or are a Photoshop user switching from Adobe, this book is for you. This book is also for small business owners who want to do brand-specific editing on stock photos but have limited experience in photo editing. Beginner-level editors, photographers, and people looking to get into product photography and advertising will be able to make the most out of this book.

Table of Contents
Fundamentals of Vector versus Raster Art and Basics of the Interface
Opening Your First Document
Layer Fundamentals - The Heart of Affinity Photo
The Basics of Masking in Affinity Photo
Selection and How to Achieve It in Affinity Photo
Cropping and Composition
Basics of Workflows and Balancing Dark and Light
Blend Mode Fundamentals
Basics of Stock Brushes in Affinity Photo
Working with color in Affinity Photo
Compositing in Affinity Photo
Photo Restoration and Portrait Retouching in Affinity Photo
Advanced Color Concepts and Grading
Destructive Filters and Tools in Affinity Photo
Creative Effects and Specialty Brushes in Affinity Photo
Working with Text and Shapes in Affinity Photo
Editing in Other Personas in Affinity
Exporting and Artist Efficiency Tips

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