Rosetta Stone v3.4.7 with Language Levels & Audio Companion [repost]

Posted By: Alexpal
Rosetta Stone v3.4.7 with Language Levels & Audio Companion [repost]

Rosetta Stone v3.4.7 with Language Levels & Audio Companion
Windows/MacOSX | 22 Languages | + Audio Companion | 41.2 GB
Genre: eLearning

Rosetta Stone includes many of the same features common to other language learning software products – native-speaker audio, text, a voice recognition feature to aid in learning proper pronunciation etc. The software teaches the main four skills of language learning – speaking, listening, reading and writing. There are a number of basic exercises that focus on a combination of skills such as reading and writing over listening and speaking or vice versa, or focus on just one of the skills.

Rosetta Stone - the best program for learning the language at home. Flash allows you to teach the technique as you do in his childhood began to teach their native language - no rules, by immersion, multiple repetition and the formation of the association of a number of different areas of life, development patterns and automatisms in principle from the simple to complex, from a practical perception of writing and rules. This program will teach you not to think automatically perceive and reproduce the most ubiquitous conversational grammatical constructions that are essential for activation of your speaking and start chatting.

In this set includes the program Rosetta Stone 3.4.7, language packs of the world, as well as audio applications to them. Rosetta Stone - No.1 in the world among linguistic software. Rosetta Stone is the most natural and native, and therefore the most effective way to study for a man of almost any foreign language. The company uses specially developed technology Dynamic Immersion - dynamic immersion. The publication will be gradually supplemented by additional language packs.

Language Pack Included:
1.Rosetta Stone English (American) 5 Levels
2.Rosetta Stone English (British) 3 Levels
3.Rosetta Stone German 5 Levels
4.Rosetta Stone French 3 Levels
5.Rosetta Stone Italian 3 Levels
6.Rosetta Stone Spanish (Spain) 5 Levels
7.Rosetta Stone Korean 3 Levels
8.Rosetta Stone Greek 3 Levels
9.Rosetta Stone Dutch 3 Levels
10.Rosetta Stone Hindi 3 Levels
11.Rosetta Stone Portuguese (Brazil) 3 Levels
12.Rosetta Stone Arabic 3 Levels
13.Rosetta Stone Chinese (Mandarin) 3 Levels
14.Rosetta Stone Swedish 3 Levels
15Rosetta Stone Hebrew 3 Levels
16.Rosetta Stone Polish 1 Level
17.Rosetta Stone Irish 1 Level
18.Rosetta Stone Filipino (Tagalog) 1 Level
19.Rosetta Stone Persian (Farsi) 1 Level
20Rosetta Stone Spanish (Latin America) 5 Levels
21.Rosetta Stone Japanese 3 Levels
22.Rosetta Stone Russian 3 Levels
+ Audio Companion

Minimum system requirements:
- Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Seven
- Mac OS 10.4
- 512 MB RAM
- 1 GHz
- 600 MB free hard disk space (for one level)
- 16-bit sound card
- 800 x 600 display resolution (1024 x 768 recommended)
- A microphone, headphones