Sex Positions: 69 Sex Techniques and Positions. Sex Manual.

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Sex Positions: 69 Sex Techniques and Positions. Sex Manual.

Sex Positions: 69 Sex Techniques and Positions. Sex Manual. Kamasutra. Sex Tips.: Sex Manual For Singles & Couples (Sex Techniques, Sex Positions, Kamasutra, Sex Tips, Sex Manual, Sex Books) by Samantha Grey
English | 2018 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B01LYN1Q6C | 85 pages | EPUB | 0.13 Mb

Sex Manual For Singles & Couples: all Sex Techniques and Positions - Kamasutra - described in details with listed benefits!

If you are looking for a Sex Manual that will help you keep the fire going inside Your bedroom (or even outside of it) this is a Sex Guide for You!

You Will Get…
  • Sex Guide On The Sex Issues You Might Have
  • Sex Tips on How To Overcome Them
  • 69 Awesome Sex Techniques and Sex Positions That Will Change Your Sex Life Forever (THE BIGGEST PART)
  • Each Sex Position is described in full details and all its benefits are listed
Sex is an important part of life especially for couples. Dull sex life is either the result or the cause of many problems between two people in a relationship. Suffice to say, if you want to save your relationship, you need to do something about your sex life.

Also if you enjoy your sex relationships but would like to experience more, learn Kamasutra, or even experiment a bit, this is a Sex Manual for You.

Sex Positions & Sex Techniques that I’m sharing with you – Yes! 69 Sex Techniques – were tested extensively by myself and my partners. 

They are to be practiced in the comfort of the alcove, in nature and for more open couples, even out in public or in some strange places…

They deliver as much pleasure as possible both to woman and her partner.

This is what Kamasutra is all about!

What’s most important they build the intimacy and strengthen the relationship, making your partner want to have sex with you always and asking only for more…

Readers' Reviews (examples):This book was amazing! So many detailed positions and things I haven't thought about before. Can't wait to try EVERYTHING out with my partner of 5 years. Sometimes it gets stale - this book helps spice it up!(by MaryAnne)

Sex is such a big deal, because sex means two people becoming as one. It is not only your body that you are offering to your partner but also your soul. (…) Sex comes in many positions, it's up to you what position you are comfortable with as long as it pleasures you. Many couples want to explore and try new things and I think this book will fit them, many positions are worth try(by John)

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Here Is A Preview Of This Sex Manual…
From Chapter 4: 69 Sex Positions (I to P)
The Nirvana

The Nirvana is best done on a bed with bed posts or a headboard. The lady is flat on her back with her legs together and her arms stretched over her head to hold on to the posts or headboard. The guy lies on top of her with his legs spread apart. He uses his knees as leverage as he enters her. If he’s having a hard time penetrating her, she can open her legs a bit and press them together once he’s inside.

Benefits: The Nirvana requires the couple to move at the same time making for a wonderful sexual experience. Aside from that, pressing her thighs together makes it feel tighter as thrusts his shaft into her. This also allows stimulation of the clitoris.

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