Sidney Sheldon - Master Of The Game (Re-Upload)

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Sidney Sheldon - Master Of The Game (Re-Upload)

Sidney Sheldon - Master Of The Game
Time: 12:28:00 | Publisher: Phoenix Audio | ASIN: B0000545UC | December 16, 1999
Language: English | Audiobook in MP3 / 96 kbps | ~560 MB

Jamie McGregor founded a family empire on diamonds stolen from South Africa - and a ruthless need for revenge. As control of McGregor's fortune falls into the capable hands of his granddaughter Kate, his business expands into a worldwide conglomerate. The cunning Kate proves herself a true master, using her own son and granddaughters as pawns in a game where the stakes are bigger than life or death. Roddy McDowall captures the suspense and surprise in this story of lust for wealth and power - and the price that people pay to get it. This title is also available in Spanish as El Amo del Juego.