Sound Design for Motion Graphics

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Sound Design for Motion Graphics

Sound Design for Motion Graphics
MP4 | Video: 720p | Duration: 2:52:28 | English | Subtitles: VTT | 839.5 MB

Editors and motion graphics artists create visually stunning graphics; however, without a compelling sound design, their hard work can fall flat. Luckily, Adobe Audition CC offers a variety of tools to import, sculpt, and finesse your sound design while working with the motion graphics video in the timeline.

This course is based on a 30-second graphics project, which is used to demonstrate concepts ranging from sound selection and spotting to sound creation and manipulation. Along the way, author Scott Hirsch provides an in-depth look at Audition's Multitrack and Waveform Editors, as well as the process of round-tripping a project to Premiere Pro. Plus, he'll show how to create your own riveting sound effects from scratch and start building a library you can use for future projects.

Topics include:
  • Evaluating and spotting to picture
  • Finding and selecting sounds
  • Adding sounds to the timeline
  • Working in the Waveform Editor
  • Using real-time clip and track effects
  • Layering sound
  • Sculpting sound
  • Building a library of custom effects
  • Mixing and exporting the mix