Speak Swedish with Confidence

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Speak Swedish with Confidence

Speak Swedish with Confidence
Audio CDs: Swedish / English MP3, 128 Kbps (2 channels) | 3.5 hours
PDF Book
Overal size: 296 MB | Genre: Learning Swedish

Speak Swedish with Confidence contains ten topics (with two conversations each) with specific objectives. Each topic introduces 15 key words (plus some cognates), three structures/useful phrases, and one main grammar point. You are encouraged from the start to speak out loud; your confidence will be built through a variety of listening exercises. The 20 conversations and following explanations and instructions are simple and bite-sized, making this a very accessible program for on-the-go learning. In addition, the third CD provides practical guidance on holding two-way conversations, covering such difficulties as speaking with people who talk very fast or use words and phrases that you do not know.

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