Highly Available Storage for Windows Servers

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Highly Available Storage for Windows Servers

Paul Massiglia “Highly Available Storage for Windows Servers"
Wiley | 2001-12-15 | ISBN: 0471034444 | 416 pages | PDF | 11,8 Mb

The first how-to guide for online storage management with Windows 2000
In this book, expert Paul Massiglia first provides a clear tutorial on the principles of managed online storage and then walks you through the basics of how to manage your disks and RAID arrays in the Windows 2000 server environment. He provides all the information system administrators need to take advantage of Windows 2000's powerful new capabilities for handling large numbers of disks and RAID subsystems. Using both the embedded capabilities of the Windows 2000 operating system, VERITAS Volume Manager–the de-facto standard for application storage–and other working examples, Massiglia clearly illustrates how to organize disks so that all application data can be given the right balance of availability, I/O performance, and online storage cost. Readers will learn about online storage architectures, failure and non-failure tolerant volumes, RAID, online disks, and creating and managing volumes.

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