«Survival» by Andrew Frediani

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«Survival» by Andrew Frediani

«Survival» by Andrew Frediani
English | ISBN: 9781784978884 | EPUB | 0.7 MB

Caesar is dead. Revenge has armed his hand. His name is Octavian. Perfect for fans of Simon Scarrow and Ben Kane.

Though little more than a boy, Octavian, Caesar's heir is determined to avenge his adoptive father's death.

Battling against some of Rome's most imposing political figures, Octavian surrounds himself with a group of loyal allies who are as determined as himself to success: Maecenas, Agrippa and Rufus.

They become known and feared as the 'Invincibles'; dedicated to vengeance, with the aim of punishing, one by one, all those who have Caesar's blood on their hands. Octavian has resolved to overturn the established order, and to finish what Caesar had begun…

SURVIVAL is the first instalment in a four-part series. REVENACE is published in November 2016.

What readers are saying about ANDREW FREDIANI:

'Frediani is an amazing storyteller, not only of historical events but also everyday life'

'Exciting, fast-paced with well-made characters. I really loved this book and I recommend everyone to read it' review for Dictator.

'I found this beautiful book very late and now I wonder why I waited all these years to read it!' Rosato Blog on Jerusalem.