«The Brain Surgeon’s Diet» by Adriaan Liebenberg

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«The Brain Surgeon’s Diet» by Adriaan Liebenberg

«The Brain Surgeon’s Diet» by Adriaan Liebenberg
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In a market flooded with quick-fix solutions for weight loss and healthy living, Dr Adriaan Liebenberg, an internationally recognised
brain surgeon, provides an easy, safe and healthy alternative: use your brain to lose weight permanently.
After being fat — and unhappy about it — for most of his life, Dr Liebenberg decided to apply his professional knowledge to work out which foods would adjust his brain chemistry to speed up his
metabolism and change his attitude towards food. It worked. He lost
70 kilograms and has been maintaining his new weight for almost
three years.
Straightforward and easy to read, The Brain Surgeon’s Diet tells Dr Liebenberg’s inspiring story and guides us to utilise our brain power
and adjust our eating habits the way nature intended. It empowers
us with knowledge about foods that keep us healthy and slim, and is a step-by-step guide for taking control of our lives without having to rely on fad diets and appetite-supressing drugs.
This pocket-size book provides complete information on the energy
values of foods and contains delicious meal plans that will make your
weight-loss journey painless and guilt-free.