«The Devil's Playthings» by Alana Church

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«The Devil's Playthings» by Alana Church

«The Devil's Playthings» by Alana Church
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Dark currents are flowing through the home of Rachel Wainwright. A successful attorney, she has become the unwitting vessel for a succubus. Now, in order to increase her power and to escape the prison of Rachel's body, Althea is slowly turning the conservative lawyer towards a more sexual lifestyle. While she waits impatiently for her husband to return for the weekend, her eyes roam, wondering what pleasures might be found among the other members of her household. Will it be her sexy maid? Or someone else? No matter who catches her eye, Rachel and her family have become The Devil's Playthings.

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

“So I am wondering,” Rachel said to Maria, “if you might want to work for my family full-time. You would do what you already do, but we would be the only household you work for. You would have to quit your existing job, of course, but I can certainly improve on your salary. Heck, I would probably save money, considering how badly your boss is shafting the both of us. In addition to taking care of the house, you would also be responsible for my husband's workshop, if he chooses to move back here. And sooner or later Sarah is going to move out. She does a lot of the cooking for us now, so we are going to need someone to prepare meals.”

“I can cook!” Maria said eagerly. Her head spun. This was a dream come true! “I love making good food! Although,” she said, her voice faltering slightly, “my meals may be different than what americanos are used to.”

Rachel laughed. “What else?” she continued. “Oh. Right. If you like, you can move in, as well. Rent-free. There is a small apartment over the garage which we've never used. It has its own kitchen and bathroom, and is hooked up to all our utilities, so you can avoid that expense. It's unfurnished, but we'll help you move your things up there if you like. It has its own entrance as well, so you would have complete privacy. You wouldn't have to worry about us barging in when you wanted to be alone.

“However,” she said, “there are a few conditions we must set.”

“Anything!” Maria said eagerly.

“First of all,” she said, “We simply must do something about this uniform. It is very unflattering for a woman with a body as lovely as yours.” She casually reached up and started to unbutton Maria's thick, heavy blouse. Her eyes were wide and avid, the pupils dilated.

In moments her uniform was unbuttoned to the waist. Rachel pushed it off her shoulders, letting the garment fall loose to drape around her middle. Her cheeks burning, she tried to cover her body with her arms, but failed utterly.

“Oh, stop it,” Rachel said gently. “Why do you try to hide your beautiful body? I know women in my office who would kill for one like yours.” She walked around Maria slowly, her hand trailing along the skin of her belly, her back. Her skin was strangely hot as she caressed the length of her spine.

“Lovely,” she said, satisfied, as she came around to her front again. “But this,” she continued, letting her hand graze the plain white cotton of Maria's bra. “It won't do. When you come to work for me, I want something more.” As if it were the most natural thing in the world, she reached behind Maria and unclasped her bra. Her breasts sprang loose, wantonly exposed to her view.

“Oh,” Rachel sighed. “Yes, that is so much better. Can you do this for me, Maria? Can you choose to not hide your beauty, but flaunt it? Show me and my family the blessings which have been bestowed upon you?

“Not that you should walk around topless every day,” she said, with a glint of humor. “I don't want to expose my family to that much temptation. I am trying to reconcile with Josh, after all. I can't have him looking at you when he should be looking at me. Just wear something attractive. Something which will remind us of the beauty to be found in the world.” Her voice deepened. “Something which will make us desire you, as a woman should be desired.”

Desire opened like a pit in Maria's belly. She trembled softly, wondering whether her deepest, most hidden fantasies were about to come true.

“You're beautiful, too,” she said softly. She stood bravely, meeting Rachel's eyes. “I would never try to take your novio away from you. He should be in your bed. But I would like to be there, too.”

An unnamable emotion crossed over Rachel's pale face. In an instant, she had closed the distance between them, her hands on Maria's hips, her head turning sideways, her mouth descending, opening like a flower, her white teeth gleaming in the dim light.

When their lips touched, it was like lightning. Maria gave a groan that was half-desire, half-anguish, and she lifted her hands to run them through Rachel's fine, silky hair. She yearned towards her…