«The Nun's Corruption» by Alana Church

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«The Nun's Corruption» by Alana Church

«The Nun's Corruption» by Alana Church
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The nuns of St. Guinevere
have done it. In this sequel to “The Nun's Seduction,” the angel
Belial has been summoned, brought to earth to satisfy their every lusty desire.
But some of the sisters are getting cold feet. Do they have the strength to withstand his sexual power? Or will they take part in “The Nun's

Excerpt ~~~~~

is right.

The entire day seemed to coalesce, suddenly, snapping into focus as instantly as if she had been
suffering from vision problems and had been handed a set of glasses. She knew,
in that moment, that she never wanted to be parted from Belial, or from Abigail
or Consuela. Her heart expanded, breaking the shackles of her self-imposed

The angel beneath her nodded,
as if he could read her mind. “Now?”

“God, yes!”

She tried to shift, to take
his jutting manhood inside her body, but found her effort stymied as Belial’s
hands closed around her narrow hips.

Her mouth hung open with
disbelief as she found herself lifted effortlessly off the ground, hanging in midair. Her toes reached down, seeking the solidity of the earth, but found
only the warm summer breeze. “What?”

“Spread your legs for me,
lovely Merry.” Belial smiled up at her, and she felt herself smiling in response. “I haven’t done this in a very long time.”

She shook her head. “You’re
insane.” But she did as he bid, spreading her legs wide, as if she were some
sort of erotic gymnast.

Slowly, how slowly he lowered
her, aiming her seething center at the head of his phallus. As it approached
her, she bit her lip, knowing that this step, one taken, was irrevocable.

Belial seemed to sense her hesitation, for his eyes locked with hers. “It’s not too late. You can always
say no. I’ll stop. I’ll always stop, if you ask.”

She shook her head. “No. I want this.” I wouldn’t stop now for

Meredith.” Slowly, with infinite gentleness, he lowered her, his angelic
phallus piercing her, filling her with holy rapture.