The Qur'an Translation by Yusuf Ali (epub, mobi, pdf)

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The Qur'an Translation by Yusuf Ali (epub, mobi, pdf)

The Qur'an Translation by Yusuf Ali
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The Qur'an is a book of directions, showing man the right path to tread. It is a Light which guides his faltering steps, giving him timely reminders of Allah's will, awakening his sleeping nature and conveying the Lord's admonition. It is a book that, in giving him the moral sense to distinguish right from wrong, cures him, and his society, of all ills.

In that sense, it is a book of wisdom, full of every expression of correct understanding. More, it is a book of laws, laying down for us the very foundations on which to build and organize society.
In short, it provides everything that man-as an individual and as member of society-can ever need. Without this, man can never be the gainer, no matter how hard he tries.

The Our'an explains that it is this One God alone who sustains us throughout our lives here on this earth.
Through Him our hearts are set at ease, for it is He who provides true warmth in life. He rescues us in times of peril, assists us in the hour of need. All power rests in His hands: honour and glory will be the rewards of any nation who looks to Him for support, while only-disgrace and humiliation will be the lot of those who abandon Him. To know this is to hold the key to all the treasures in life: He who possesses this key gains all; he who loses it, loses all.

Abdullah Yusaf Ali’s translation of the Qur’an was first published in 1934 in Lahore, Pakistan.


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