Understanding FFT Applications, Second Edition

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Understanding FFT Applications, Second Edition

Citrus Press “Understanding FFT Applications, Second Edition"
University of Minnesota Press | 2003 | ISBN: 0964568144 | 280 pages | Djvu | 2.5 M0964568144

This companion volume to Andy Zonst's Understanding the FFT is written in five parts, covering a range of topics from transient circuit analysis to two dimensional transforms. It's an introducton to some of the many applicatons of the FFT, and it's intended for anyone who wants to understand and explore this technology.
The presentation is unique in that it avoids the calculus almost (but not quite) completely. It's a practical "how-to" book, but it also provides down to earth understanding.
This book developes computer programs in BASIC and the reader is encouraged to type these into a computer and run them; however, for those who don't have access to a BASIC compiler you may down load the programs from the internet (contact Citrus Press for URL).
The potential buyer should understand that presentations are frequently started at an elementary level. This is just a technique to establish the foundation for the subsequent discussion, intended for those who don't already understand the subject (the material usually comes quickly to the problem at hand). The book is written in an informal, tutorial style, and should be managable by anyone with a solid background in high school algebra, trigonometry, and complex arithmetic. Zonst has included the mathematics that might not be available in a high-school curriculum; so, if you managed to work your way through the first book, you should be able to handle this one.
For those familiar with the first edition of this book, the most prominant feature of this revised edition will be its improved coherence and readability.