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Understanding Your Inner Child (For All Reiki Levels)

Posted By: ELK1nG
Understanding Your Inner Child (For All Reiki Levels)

Understanding Your Inner Child (For All Reiki Levels)
Published 1/2023
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Become Awakened to What Happened To You in Your Childhood and Begin to Heal From It!

What you'll learn

You will learn how to measure your vibration and the vibration of your inner child

You will learn how to find out the health of your chakras and the chakras of your inner child

You will learn how to structure an energy assessment for yourself and clients

You will learn how to use your intuition to put together information from your childhood


No Experience Needed to Learn and Become Self Aware.

If you are not attuned to Reiki, you can use the information in this course to strengthen your intuition and perform inner work through journaling. You can also choose to collaborate with a local reiki healing professional

Reiki Level 1 practitioners can use this information for their self-healing period until they become Reiki level 2 Practicitioners

Reiki Level 2 and Master practitioners can perform all energy healing for the inner child with the strategies shown in this course.


Welcome to the Understanding Your Inner Child Course. This course was created out of a need for more grounded information about energy. Have you ever gotten energy work done but were unsure about whether it actually worked? How about if you become a reiki practitioner, do you know how much healing you have done for yourself? There was no structured way given for me to be able to measure my progress. This course becomes even more important when we begin to take a look at our inner child. Can you remember your childhood fully? It is very easy for us to forget what happened to us as a kid unless it was a very traumatic event. All of those events create stored emotions whether good or bad. The 'bad" emotions create blockages within us that can really affect the lives we live today. In order to remove these blockages, you must first become aware of them. This course will support you in finding out what years of your life have the most blockages, the type of blockages, and the way to clear them. You will have to be prepared to face any information that comes to the surface. Some information may not make a lot of sense when it is first presented to you. That's ok! This is where you begin to build your intuition! As you start to perform your personal assessments and review the information, you will begin to tie in all the information and uncover information that may have never been brought to your awareness. You will begin to ask the right questions about your childhood. This will lead you to the road of healing. If you are not a reiki practitioner and you take this course, you will likely become motivated to get your Reiki level 1 and 2 certifications so that you can complete your own healing. This is all about self-empowerment and taking responsibility for our own lives. Once you are empowered with the information, you will consciously know what is required of you in order to make a BIG DENT in your personal healing journey. Everything I am teaching you, I learned on my own (in co-creation with the Divine!). I started with lonely, insecure, anxious, and depressive energy. Life has never been the same since doing all this energy work! I want to support you in your healing journey! Let's connect and get to work on this course!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome & Introduction

Lecture 2 Disclaimer

Lecture 3 A Message For Reiki Level 1 Prractitioners

Lecture 4 Purpose of this Course

Lecture 5 Why Inner Child Work is Important

Lecture 6 Resource Link

Section 2: Key Tools

Lecture 7 Journaling

Lecture 8 Pendulum

Lecture 9 Grounding

Lecture 10 Decree for Transmuting Lower Vibrational Energies and Protection

Lecture 11 Cleansing Your Space

Section 3: Understanding Your Chakras

Lecture 12 Your 7 Main Chakras

Lecture 13 How to Assess Your Chakras

Lecture 14 Journaling Exercise - Reflect on Your Results

Section 4: Understanding Your Vibraation

Lecture 15 What is a vibration and why is it important to understand?

Lecture 16 The Hawkins Scale of Consciousness

Lecture 17 Falsehood on the Scale

Lecture 18 Truth on the Scale

Lecture 19 Measuring Your Personal Vibration

Lecture 20 Journaling Exercise - Reflect On Your Assessment of your Vibration

Lecture 21 Measuring the Vibration of Your Chakras

Lecture 22 Journaling Exercise - Reflect on the Assessment of the Vibration of each Chakra

Section 5: Strategies and Routine

Lecture 23 Asking Your Spirit Guides for Assistance

Lecture 24 Removing The Lowest Vibrational Years

Lecture 25 Going from Young to Current or Current to Young

Lecture 26 Practical way to Raise Your Vibration

Lecture 27 Listen To Your Body and Rest

Lecture 28 Drinking Water

Section 6: Assesssing Your Inner Child

Lecture 29 Demonstration - Inner Child Assessment Worksheet (chakras + vibration)

Lecture 30 Assessing The Vibration of the Inner Child

Lecture 31 Assessing the Chakras of the Inner Child

Lecture 32 Journaling Exercise - What Did You Notice?

Lecture 33 Demonstration - Inner Child Assessment in your Journal

Section 7: Using Reiki to Remove Blockages

Lecture 34 Connect To Reiki

Lecture 0 Using the Long Distance Symbol To Connect

Lecture 35 Using the Power Symbol + Emotional/Mental Symbol

Lecture 36 How Long Should Each Reiki Session Be?

Lecture 37 Tracking Your Progress with Journal

Lecture 38 Tracking Your Progress - Chakra Assessment Sheet

Lecture 39 What To Expect From This Process

Section 8: Getting Creative!

Lecture 40 Apply These Strategies With Clients, Friends or Family

Section 9: Congratulations

Lecture 41 Congratulations on your growth!

Anyone wanting to begin understanding their inner child in a deep and profound way.