What Is Concept Art?

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What Is Concept Art?

What Is Concept Art?
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The amazing characters, creatures, and environments you see—on the big screen or in games with friends online—start off as ideas. Concepts artists bring these ideas to life. This course introduces you to the world of concept art and gives you a glimpse into the types of artwork you will be asked to design. Discover what the production process consists of, and how you can start your journey as a concept artist.

Topics include:
  • What is concept art?
  • Producing concept art
  • Developing images
  • The difference between design and illustration
  • Communicating your ideas
  • Sketching in your sketchbook
  • Making characters and creatures
  • Conceptualizing vehicles, props, and environments
  • Working with 3D artists and animators
  • Creating a cohesive universe
  • Building your portfolio