Winning the Inner Game of Money

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Winning the Inner Game of Money

Winning the Inner Game of Money
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There is an outer game to making more money and there is an "Inner Game" that you have to win first. Scarcity and financial hardship can easily become a reality in your life, regardless of external factors, like whether the economy is up or down; and internal vari- ables, including your own conscious or unconscious self doubts and fears. The truth is that financial abundance is available to you, as it is to everyone. And it's not about working harder.To create real and lasting change in your financial life, you must first change your subconscious patterns and limiting beliefs, which in turn will change your per- ceptions, emotions and daily habits around making and keeping money. This is how you transform your financial destiny—and your life—from the inside out!

No other program in the world today does this as well, as fast, and as easily as Winning the Game of Money. Based on decades of painstaking brain research, this evidence-based program combines the most effective techniques from the most current scientific methods, including:

- Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)
- Guided and Self-Hypnosis
- Embedded Positive Suggestions
- Brain Entrainment
- Sound Wave Patterns
- 3-D / Surround-SoundTechnology
- Precision Affirmations
- Subliminal Messages
- Emotional FreedomTechnique
- Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing
- Guided Visualization Sessions
- Meditation and Mindfulness

Winning the Inner Game of Money

Winning the Inner Game of Money

Winning the Inner Game of Money

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