Windpower Workshop: Building Your Own Wind Turbine

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Windpower Workshop: Building Your Own Wind Turbine

Hugh Piggott, John Blow, "Windpower Workshop: Building Your Own Wind Turbine"
Centre for Alternative Technology | 1997 | ISBN: 1898049270 | 159 pages | PDF | 29 MB

As the true costs of fossil fuels are revealed, the ancient art of windpower is making a steady comeback, and many countries are promoting wind energy generation as part of a drive toward a sustainable future. Yet many environmental enthusiasts prefer a more do-it-yourself approach. Windpower Workshop provides all the essential information for the individual wanting to build and maintain a windpower system for their own energy needs.
About the Author
Hugh Piggott runs his own succesful windpower business in Scotland. He advises individuals and companies in Britain and abroad on windpower turbines and systems. He has been teaching others how to build windmills for twenty years and has been featured as an advisor to the BBC television program, "Castaway."

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