Word 2013: Mail Merge in Depth

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Word 2013: Mail Merge in Depth

Word 2013: Mail Merge in Depth
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Take advantage of Word's Mail Merge feature to save time building customized documents. This course offers tutorials on creating personalized letters, envelopes, labels, and even email messages. Author Gini Courter shows how to connect to data sources in Access, Outlook, and Excel; create new data sources; add attachments to merged email messages; use IF…THEN…ELSE and other rules for advanced mail merges; and troubleshoot Mail Merge issues.

Topics include:
  • Choosing or creating a data source
  • Using Mail Merge with Outlook contacts
  • Mail merging data from an Excel spreadsheet
  • Inserting address blocks, greetings, and other fields
  • Matching fields from a data source
  • Using the Merge Tool add-in to add attachments to merged messages
  • Previewing merge results
  • Sending merged email
  • Creating labels with images
  • Using rules for customized merges