Art of Gifting: Gifts Women Want

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Gifts Women Want
(Podarki Zhenshini Hotyat)
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What Do Women Really Think are Romantic Gifts?

Most men find buying gifts for women to be a fairly stressful task, mainly because they know how important gifts are to the women in their life and they are really not sure just what women really do want.

What are they really looking for? What can you do to make your gift really special and memorable? How can you steer clear of the hidden pitfalls of buying gifts for the women in your life?

This brand new, exclusive eBook doesn't have all the answers, but it does have the results of surveys on thousands of women and very insightful articles and tips.

The truth is that women are actually very easy to buy for once you know what
gifts they really want. Download and read this ebook and learn about:

* The top three gifts that women want
* The favored color of roses to buy
* The "safest" gift to give to women
* The gift that women want most from their husbands and boyfriends
* The five best and worst Mother's Day gifts
* Candid admissions from women on what they really want from you
* A guy's guide to giving flowers
* Which candy is still a number one gift item and why
* The world's shortest gift giving guide for men and women
* Advice for desperate men

On a personal note and disclaimer:
Guys, I can't vouch for these books.. stuff contained in them may seem mushy and funny, but women are from Mars and who knows, sometimes, some things work on them.


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was a hit of sorts. Even though our Masculine Rational Mind does not or cannot believe that so simple stuff written in that book can work, the fact is that simple ideas are sometimes so effective that we hardly realise in our quest to do something great in wooing.

Grab that book too, today on Valentines day if you haven't done so earlier. its just 450 Kb... a min even on dial-up.

Its here on Rapidshare

Good luck and Best of Wishes on today, the Valentine's Day!