Building Resilient IP Networks dec 2005

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Building Resilient IP Networks
By Kok-Keong Lee, - CCIE No. 8427
Publisher: Cisco Press
Pub Date: December 19, 2005
ISBN: 1-58705-215-6
Pages: 432

The practical guide to building resilient and highly available IP networks

An all-in-one introduction to the various new features and developments in building a resilient IP network

A singular source on what Cisco hardware, software products can offer toward resiliency

Learn how a resilient IP network helps deliver mission-critical information, like video, voice services

Configuration examples offer easy-to-follow implementation guides

More and more companies are building networks that are used not only for corporate communication, but most importantly, for doing business. Since the network has become such a strategic business tool, its availbality is of utmost importance to these companies and to their service providers. Therefore, the challenge for network professionals is ensuring networks are up at all times; keeping abreast of the latest technology that helps maintain uptime; and reacting to ever-increasing denial of service attacks. Problems faced by network professionals when meeting these challenges include lack of understanding regarding network availability; ignorance of the latest features and tools; hard-to-find documentation; lack of education programs; savvy black hats who attack networks. Building Resilient IP Networks helps network professionals take on these challenges. First it shows what network availability means and focuses on real-life issues: appreciating the limitations of protocols and understanding what's been done to improve them. Next the book addresses the benefits of modular design and illustrates how modular design contributes to a resilient network. The bulk of the book explores new features and tools that recently developed with respect to modular design.

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