Singapore and Asia in a Globalized World: Contemporary Economic Issues and Policies

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Singapore and Asia in a Globalized World: Contemporary Economic Issues and Policies

Chia Wai Mun "Singapore and Asia in a Globalized World: Contemporary Economic Issues and Policies"
World Scientific Publishing Company | English | 2008-10-30 | ISBN: 9812815570 | 232 pages | PDF | 7,6 MB

This book is a spin-off from a highly successful seminar series jointly organized by the Division of Economics of the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and the Ministry of Education (MOE) of Singapore. The seminars discuss contemporary domestic and regional economic issues and public policies that are relevant to the everyday lives of Singaporeans. The wish to introduce these economic issues to a broader audience outside the confinement of a lecture theatre, came to fruition, with the completion of this book.

This book contains 13 chapters that are grouped under three sections. Under the section, "Public Policies and Economic Issues of Singapore", Singapore s public policies in the areas of healthcare, Central Provident Fund, and monetary policy are explored, as well as issues concerning Singapore s economic development, such as economic transformation, innovation and capital accumulation are discussed. The second section, "Singapore and the Region in a Globalized World", looks at the challenges and opportunities presented to Singapore and the region in an increasingly globalized world. Current issues on the sub-prime crisis and Asian monetary integration are also discussed. The last section, "Other Economic Issues", consists of papers in specific areas such as economics of medical decisions, economics of love, and the role of exchange rates in foreign direct investment.

Contents: Public Policies and Economic Issues of Singapore:; Transformation in the Singapore Economy: Course and Causes (C Y Lim); Innovation, Markets and Economic Growth: A Symbiosis (C L Lam); Macro Objectives of the Central Provident Fund (CPF): A Review (S B Chew & R Chew); Monetary Policy in Singapore: A BBC Approach (P Wilson); Capital Accumulation, Capital-Output Ratio and Total Factor Productivity in Singapore (H Y Sng); Singapore and the Region in a Globalized World:; The Asian Financial Crisis and the Sub-Prime Mortgage Crisis: A Dissenting View (C Y Lim); Asian Economic Integration: The Role of Singapore (P B Rana); Asia s Role in the Global Economy and the International Financial System (W M Chia et al.); Globalization, Income Polarization and the Rise of the "New Challengers" (S Seshanna); Other Economic Issues:; Economics and Health (D Reisman); Medical Decisions: A Two Stage Decision Model with Information Updating (J Lane & S Tsang); Economics of Love: A Simple Theory and Empirical Study in Singapore (K W Ho); The Role of Exchange Rates in Foreign Direct Investment: A United States Perspective (W Y Ho).

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