A Scanner Darkly

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A Scanner Darkly

Philip K. Dick, «A Scanner Darkly»
ISBN 0-679-73665-4 | Size: 1,7 Mb
here's the original book in .pdf, .txt, and .pdb for your portable device

Just adapted for film by Richard Linklater, who employs the same “rotoscopic” techniques used in Waking Life. The movie is quite interesting and visually appealing, and the OST is worth a listen for all you budding producers out there. i've uploaded the book so you can see the source material. Philip K. Dick has also written Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, which was turned into the film Blade Runner.

About this book (Amazon):
Mind- and reality-bending drugs factor again and again in Philip K. Dick's hugely influential SF stories. A Scanner Darkly cuts closest to the bone, drawing on Dick's own experience with illicit chemicals and on his many friends who died from drug abuse. Nevertheless, it's blackly farcical, full of comic-surreal conversations between people whose synapses are partly fried, sudden flights of paranoid logic, and bad trips…