Achieving Post-Merger Success

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Achieving Post-Merger Success

J. Robert Carleton, Claude Lineberry
Achieving Post-Merger Success: A Stakeholder's Guide to Cultural Due Diligence, Assessment, and Integration
Pfeiffer | ISBN 0-7879-6490-5 | 2004 | PDF | 233 pages | 1.8 MB

"The failure rate of mergers and acquisitions is unreasonable, unacceptable, and unnecessary," say Claude S. Lineberry and J. Robert Carleton in this much-needed resource, which outlines their unique, proven, and practical process for increasing the success of mergers and acquisitions. Written for all those with a vested interest in the success of the deal—board of directors, executives, managers, employees, and shareholders—and based on years of research and real-world experience, Achieving Post-Merger Success is a down-to-earth guide that gives stakeholders the tools they need to

*Profile and assess corporate cultures
*Identify potential or actual culture clash barriers to a merger or acquisition
*Determine what to do to avoid, minimize, and resolve culture clash
*Plan for efficient and effective post-merger cultural integration of the two organizations

"An early focus on culture integration, beginning with a solid cultural due diligence. was a critical success factor in our integration with Compaq. This book provides helpful models and tools for getting it right"
–Anne Murray Allen, lead, culture integration, Hewlett Packard

"Time and time again, mergers fail because of the lack of the new organization’s ability to integrate the human capital. Typically, not much more than lip service is given to combining the two organizational cultures beforehand. It never shows up in spreadsheets and rarely in integration Gantt charts. Carleton and Lineberry provide a "how-to" guide for assessing culture pre-merger and maximizing on it post-merger. This is a must read for anyone considering a merger, large or small."
–Owen Garrick, MD, co-head, mergers and acquisitions, Novartis Pharmaceuticals