Action Arcade Adventure Set: The Best Way to Create Action Arcade Games in C

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Action Arcade Adventure Set: The Best Way to Create Action Arcade Games in C

Diana Gruber,
«Action Arcade Adventure Set: The Best Way to Create Action Arcade Games in C»

Coriolis Group Books | ISBN 1883577063 | Book&Disk edition (September 15, 1994) |
CHM 512 Pages| 1.16 Mb

Action Arcade Adventure Set: The Best Way to Create Action Arcade Games in C

Award - Diana Gruber (for action arcade adventure set)

Book Description:

Provides a special version of the high-performance Fastgraph graphics library with over 600 pages of online documentation. Presents a wealth of tips on game design, 256-color and "mode x" VGA graphics programming, artwork preparation, fast four-way background scrolling, animation, and more! Contains a powerful game engine written in C. Includes source code for both a model game with professional-quality graphics and a full-featured game editor for customizing your own action arcade games. Presents unique information to help game developers package and market their games. Has an easy-to-read format with numerous illustrations and examples.

Book Info:

This book is the product of several years of work. The games and utilities in this book were written by me over a three-year period, but they represent a much larger investment in knowledge. The techniques for creating side-scrolling games were developed over many years by many people. I feel fortunate to have been a part of this community of knowledge, and now I am sharing what I have learned with you. You will find a lot of source code on the companion disk–over 12,000 lines of code! You will also find a complete tool set to to help you build action arcade games, along with several example programs to show you ways to use the tools. There is also a powerful graphics library included on the disk to speed up and simplify the development process. This software, along with the ideas presented in this book, will give you everything you need to get started on your path to game development success. Here's what you get:
    * A full-featured, side-scrolling arcade game engine with complete documentation and C source code.
    * A game editor with complete C source code. The game editor includes a level editor, sprite editor, and other support tools that will help streamline the process of writing games.
    * A palette matching/reduction program to aid in preprocessing artwork.
    * A sample game called Tommy's Adventures with complete C source code that provides two levels of action and adventure.
    * A continuous-running sample game called Quickfire which demonstrates another application of the game engine. (I didn't include the source code for this game because of its size.)
    * A bonus game called Hedge Row, which shows another way to use tile-based levels created by the game editor.
    * All of the high- quality graphics for the games presented (sprites, level art, tiles, and so on). The Fastgraph/Light high-performance graphics library that includes over 170 callable functions.
    * Over 600 pages of online manuals that describe how to use the Fastgraph/Light functions. The Fastgraph User's Guide describes graphics programming from the ground up, and includes over 140 example programs to help you learn how to use Fastgraph quickly. The Fastgraph Reference Manual is an alphabetical listing of all the Fastgraph functions.

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