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ActionScript 2.0 Garage

Book Description
Welcome to ActionScript 2.0 Garage . The goal of this book is to make learning ActionScript more fun. A lot more fun. Okay, it's not a big dream, but it's my dream. I'm not kidding. The goal of this book is to show beginning to intermediate ActionScript programmers how to take their skills to the next level and blast out some amazing code. The code samples in here are actual working chunks of code, not just-for-computer-books-but-no-one-would-EVER-use-this-in-the-real world stuff. That, and I attempted to have something of a (gasp) personality (shriek) while talking about code. I'm aiming for "helpful smart-alec" (or "chaotic good" if you're old-school). Who This Book Is For This book is for beginning to intermediate ActionScript programmers who want a quick, friendly way to get deeper into ActionScript code. If you don't know what trace() is, put this book down right now before you hurt somebody. I'm not kidding. Right now! Who This Book Isn't For Junkies. Heiresses. Shepherds. I make fun of George Lucas a few times, and maybe Orlando Bloom too--I can't remember for sure. (He was great in Troy , you know. He did a wonderful job in the role of Helen.) What's in the Book This book has everything from arrays to objects to how to manipulate components: Component skins. Styles. Functions. Best practices. Lots and lots of code and working examples. You can download everything from What's Not in the Book Data components don't really involve ActionScript, so I left them out. I don't cover advanced object-oriented anything or how to use the animation bits of the Flash program. About the Attitude You may notice this tome's tone is a little rougher than other computer books you've read. That's because we want this book to make learning fun , so we decided to spice it up a bit. If you go through the book and don't learn a thing about ActionScript, I hope you're at least a little entertained. (Update: I just got word that my editor has toned down the profanity and numerous pornography references, so perhaps it's a tad less entertaining now.)


Reviewer: Jean-Charles (NYC)
This little book, is one of a kind. Humorous, to the point and packed with so much knowledge you might think you are the king of Flash after reading it. This book is ideal when you have an idea of what you are looking for and need a fast answer. Just search the book's TOC, find what you need, read a couple of pages and you are done. Instead of reading through lengthy and regurgitated verbiage, you learn what you
needed to know in 3 pages or less. That is what it is all about.

I love the way the author keeps you entertained with silly remarks. He gives you enough to get you started and the rest he figures you can deduct on your own. And I agree. Think of this book as a "Flash For Dummies" kind of book, but better. Let me give an example of how concise and to the point this book is. The history of Flash is written in 3 lines of text. How is that for short? Even better, the section on skinning components finally made the process make sense. The author is trying to be brief and may not elaborate on any specific subject. Despite the lack of detail, I had a blast reading this book. It's not "The Definitive guide", but it does a great job when you need a quick and accurate answer.