David G. Kleinbaum, Nancy Barker, Kevin M. Sullivan, «ActivEpi Companion Textbook»

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David G. Kleinbaum, Nancy Barker, Kevin M. Sullivan, «ActivEpi Companion Textbook»
Springer | ISBN 0387955747 | 2005 Year | PDF | 4 Mb | 500 Pages

This text on epidemiology is a companion to the ActivEpi CD-ROM. The ActivEpi CD-ROM providesa multimedia presentationofepidemiologic conceptscommonlytaught inanintroductory course in epidemiology. ActivEpi CD-ROM uses a range of multimedia effects to motivate, explain, visualize, and apply introductory epidemiologic concepts, integrating video, animation, narration, text, and interactive question and answer sessions. Since individuals differ in their learning skills, the ActivEpi CD-ROM and ActivEpi Companion Textbook offer readers different but nevertheless intertwined options on how to learn epidemiology. The ActivEpi CD-ROM provides an exciting way of presenting epidemiologic concepts through use of animation. The ActivEpi Companion Textbook can be utilized as a hardcopy reference of the textual materials contained in the CD-ROM, as a resource for the practice exercises, as a general reference, or even a self-contained textbook. The ActivEpi CD-ROM and ActivEpi Companion Textbook can be used for self-study or for a course in epidemiology, either in a traditional classroom setting or in a distance learningsetting.
In general, virtually all of the material on the ActivEpi CD-ROM is included in the ActivEpi Companion Textbook. Some of the narration on the ActivEpi CD-ROM was altered for the Companion Textbook. This difference occurs primarily when the CD-ROM narration refers to an animation on the screen. Another difference between the ActivEpi CD-ROM and the Companion Textbook is in the Study Questions and the Quizzes. On the CD-ROM, the answers are provided interactively. For the text, the Study Questions and Quizzes are sequentially numbered throughout each lesson with the answers provided at the end of the lesson. Finally, there are some interactive activities on the ActivEpi CD-ROM that cannot be duplicated in the text, suchasthe exercisesusingthe Data Deskprogram.