Google AdSense Secrets Or What Google Never Told You About Making Money With AdSense by Joel Comm (3rd Edition)

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Google AdSense Secrets Or What Google Never Told You About Making Money With AdSense:
3 Steps To Higher AdSense Income! (3rd Edition) by Joel Comm

NEW Update! | HOT! | 199 Pages | 2006-2007 | 3rd Edition | 6.7 Mb

This eBook is VERY HOT, all the best webmaters on Internet use it! It is not available on Internet unless you buy it for $97 USD! The Definitive AdSense Resource From The Internet Revenue Expert!

"The fastest, Easiest way to get your slice of the Cash-Filled adSense pie and Pocket $500… $1,000… $5,000… Even As Much As $10,000 (Or more) Every Month – For Only A Few Minutes Of Work!"

It's Been Called "Legalized Stealing"…And For Good Reason.

People Just Like You Are Banking 5-Figure Checks Every Month For Doing Practically Nothing.

When I applied these tips and tricks to my sites, I increased my daily revenue stream 1600%! I went from $30/day to over $500/day. If you want a refresher of what that looks like, scroll back up the page and take a look at my AdSense report!

Every chapter of the ebook is overflowing with practical advice, screen-shots of actual web pages and a rare insight into the nuts-and-bolts that drive a successful AdSense business, including:
+ Discover how to optimize your web site for high-paying clicks, using legitimate response-tracking techniques and software.
+ Find out how to pull highly relevant ads on-demand, using Google Search
+ Discover the secrets to getting more legitimate traffic to your web site
+ Find out the scoop on Google's new AdLinks and other new Ad Formats
+ Learn how to optimize your web pages so the search engines will LOVE your site
+ Understand how to format your ads so your visitors will want to click them
+ Discover which colors, sizes, text color and borders will generate the most clicks
+ Find out how to position your ads for maximum response– Explore which elements can draw instant attention to your ads, no matter where you place them
+ Learn how to prune out low-paying ads that steal clicks from your high paying ads
+ Find out how to build more pages for your web site quickly.
+ Discover how to add FREE articles to your site - Web sites with over 12,000 articles you can use revealed!
+ Learn about other pay-per-click programs. Know which ones you should keep your eyes open for.
+ Discover where to find server-side scripts and software to track down the most "click-friendly" pages and search terms
+ Learn how to read your server logs to find the hidden gold-mine
+ Discover when and how to use the Google Search Box to maximize revenue from customers searching for something specific
+ Learn how to read your visitors like a book, including:
– what drives them to your web site (search terms they used to find your web site)
– which ads they clicked and WHY
– which pages they're visiting most often and WHY
– how to diversify into new keywords without affecting the relevance of your existing pages
+ Find out how to generate revenue on visitors when they leave your site
+ Discover how to pinpoint which ads are making you the most money and which ads are producing the most clicks (and NO, those are not one and the same thing!)
+ Find out how to zero in on top-paying ads and pages with AdSense Channels
+ Learn how to employ fool-proof tests and strategies with AdSense Channels (Unless you know this, you're shooting arrows in the dark!)
+ Discover how to make AdSense work for forums and Internet communities, an incredible source of keyword-rich content that you can have created for free!
+ See my own secret list of successful websites? See how I do it with real-life examples!(And a whole lot more, including hands-on examples and actual screenshots of web pages that are raking in the cash with Google AdSense!)
+ Examine case studies demonstrating real-life examples of how others are succeeding with AdSense.
+ Here's an Insider Sneak Peek at the smokin' hot new content that's been added for 2006…
+ Learn how you can get up and running with AdSense in less than two minutes…without spending a penny!
+ Find out which AdSense formats will bring you maximum click-throughs…and which ones you should avoid like the PLAGUE!
+ Text ads, image ads, or both? I'll show you the exact formula that drops wads of cash in my pocket every day!
+ Link units can either add a HUGE windfall to your AdSense earnings or bomb miserably. I'll reveal the right way–and the wrong way–to utilize these tiny little treasures!
+ Expanded text ads: more income or less control? I'll unlock the mystery behind this quirky Google phenomenon and unveil the absolute best strategy to exploit it!
+ My slightly sneaky (yet perfectly legitimate) technique to making your AdSense ads practically pop off the page and generate click after money-making click…all without violating Google's Terms Of Service!
+ The most effective way to tell the crawlers EXACTLY which parts of your site are most important, ensuring AdSense ads that are perfectly matched to your reader!
+ A little known way of using the Google AdWords Preview tool to help you get the ads you want…every time!
+ How to eliminate those annoying (and non-paying) Public Service ads!
+ How a commonly overlooked feature actually allows you to give your advertisers personalized instruction on how to write an ad that's a virtual click-through magnet! Heck, I'll even throw in the word-for-word text I use when contacting them, just to make it easier. (This is one you simply cannot afford to miss out on, folks. I've literally padded my bank account with multiple thousands in additional AdSense revenue from this simple tactic–and it only takes seconds to implement!)
+ The single most underutilized way to make money with AdSense –and how you can take advantage of it to rack up some serious cash!
+ How many ads is too many? I'll let you in on my tried-and-true guidelines to precisely determine what type of ads to use, the number to place, where to put them for maximum effectiveness, and when to say "that's enough".
+ How multiple ads can turn your articles, blogs or merchant sites into virtual money-making volcanoes that spew cash 24-hours a day–complete with easy-to-follow diagrams to show you exactly how you should set 'em up!
+ The quickest, most efficient ways to getting focused, valuable content that draws traffic by the thousands.
+ How I transformed one of my poorest selling ebooks into an wildly profitable website..and the detailed blueprints to help you turn your "failure" into a fortune!
+ How you can turn response tracking into your hidden pot of AdSense gold!
+ The 4 types of URL channels that give you ultra-specific click tracking info!
+ The 5 most crucial things to consider when creating custom channels!
+ 2 sizzling hot new tools that are an absolute MUST for any serious AdSense pro…and one of them is TOTALLY FREE!
+ The one recent change that has had the most dramatic effect on AdSense publishers…and how you can exploit it to boost your AdSense income.
+ How to properly utilize Google's new Forum Heat Map–and why you should NOT take it as law!
+ The 3 most promising new contextual ad services and how I use each of them to add even more zeros to my monthly earnings!
+ The fastest, easiest way to bring a multitude of visitors to your site every day…without spending a DIME!
+ The 4 best places to add links so your search engine listings rocket to the top of the rankings!
+ The ins and outs of cloaking–and why Google banned this practice altogether!
+ Even MORE AdSense case studies with detailed graphics and amazing before/after scenarios!

And that's STILL not all! Check out these never-Before-Seen extra bonuses included in the 3rd edition…
+ AN INTRODUCTION TO ADSENSE: Looking for an "AdSense for Dummies" type of tutorial? This section will help familiarize you with the basics, including What AdSense Is, How You Make Money, The Easiest Way To Sign Up, Google Policies and more.

+ T.O.C. MADE EASY: If you've ever tried to read Google's Terms and Conditions, you know how this snarled mess of legal jargon can be extremely frustrating to understand, if not a sure-fire remedy for insomnia. My new Quick Tips section puts it all in simple, everyday terms that everyone can grasp easily, including a detailed list of what you can (and cannot) do, the best approach to take if your AdSense account gets closed, and more. (SPECIAL EXTRA BONUS: I've also thrown in the 12 Biggest Mistakes That AdSense Publishers Make…and How To Avoid Them. This one tidbit of information is vital to getting a great start with AdSense and worth every penny of the book's price alone!)

+ QUICKSTART GUIDE: If you're anything like me and prefer to jump over the details and get your feet wet RIGHT NOW, this section is just for you. It's a step-by-step guide that will have you up and running and making money with AdSense in just minutes…it's by far the best way to start!

+ ADVANCED TROUBLESHOOTING: Not getting the results you want? Scratching your head to figure out where you went wrong? Check out my all-new Troubleshooting section. Inside is a list of the most common problems AdSense publishers face and their solutions, along with a list of sources for staying up-to-date and learning the latest AdSense tips–it's the fastest, easiest way to get back on track and keep you in the fast lane to making some serious bank with AdSense!

+ COMPREHENSIVE GLOSSARY: Let's face it: There's a TON of strange sounding terms in the AdSense world, and sometimes it's hard to keep up with what's what. That's why I included this comprehensive Glossary of AdSense related terms in the 3rd edition. When you come upon an unfamiliar word or phrase, just thumb over and you'll know exactly what I'm talking about in seconds–now it's easier than ever to follow along!



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Google AdSense Secrets Or What Google Never Told You About Making Money With AdSense by Joel Comm (3rd Edition)