Advanced Splunk

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Advanced Splunk

Advanced Splunk
by Ashish Kumar Tulsiram Yadav
English | 2016 | ISBN: 1785884352 | 348 Pages | True PDF | 29 MB

This book is for Splunk developers looking to learn advanced strategies to deal with big data from an enterprise architectural perspective. It is expected that readers have a basic understanding and knowledge of using Splunk Enterprise.

What You Will Learn:

- Find out how to develop and manage apps in Splunk
- Work with important search commands to perform data analytics on uploaded data
- Create visualizations in Splunk
- Explore tweaking Splunk
- Integrate Splunk with any pre-existing application to perform data crunching efficiently and in real time
- Make your big data speak with analytics and visualizations using Splunk
- Use SDK and Enterprise integration with tools such as R and Tableau

Master the power of Splunk and learn the advanced strategies to get the most out of your machine data with this practical advanced guide. Make sense of the hidden data of your organization – the insight of your servers, devices, logs, traffic and clouds. Advanced Splunk shows you how.

Dive deep into Splunk to find the most efficient solution to your data problems. Create the robust Splunk solutions you need to make informed decisions in big data machine analytics. From visualizations to enterprise integration, this well-organized high level guide has everything you need for Splunk mastery.

Start with a complete overview of all the new features and advantages of the latest version of Splunk and the Splunk Environment. Go hands on with uploading data, search commands for basic and advanced analytics, advanced visualization techniques, and dashboard customizing. Discover how to tweak Splunk to your needs, and get a complete on Enterprise Integration of Splunk with various analytics and visualization tools. Finally, discover how to set up and use all the new features of the latest version of Splunk.