Advanced Assessment: Interpreting Findings And Formulating Differential Diagnoses

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The only book directed specifically at assessing patients with a specific complaint—a perfect tool that can be applied in the classroom and as a working utility in clinical practice.

Unique in its approach, this new book takes users beyond the identification of physical assessment abnormalities to arrive at a differential diagnosis of the patient’s health problem. Readers learn how to incorporate physical examination, patient history, and diagnostic studies to accurately diagnosis a patient’s problem.

Incorporates information on the interpretation of assessment findings
Complaint focused organizational approach that identifies the major complaints of each body system
Comprehensively addresses all body and organ systems
Reviews special techniques used to assess each system
Summarizes specific physical assessment information for each body system
Lifespan coverage, including pediatric information
Includes full-color 8-page insert showcasing dermatological problems — a visual assessment of the most confusing and sensitive area to diagnosis

PART 1: The Art of Assessment and Clinical Decision Making
1. Assessment and Clinical Decision Making An Overview
PART 2: Advanced Assessment and Differential Diagnosis by Body Regions/Systems
2. Skin
3. Head, Face, and Neck
4. The Eye
5. Ear, Nose, Mouth, and Throat
6. Cardiac and Peripheral Vascular Systems
7. Respiratory System
8. Breasts
9. Abdomen
10. Genitourinary System
11. Male Reproductive System
12. Female Reproductive System
13. Musculoskeletal System
14. Neurological System
15. Nonspecific Complaints
16. Psychiatric/Mental Health
PART 3: Assessments and Differential Diagnosis with Special Patient Populations
17. Pediatric Patients
18. Pregnant Patients
19. Older Patients