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Advanced D20 Magic: BESM D20 Supplement

Posted By: rush11
Advanced d20 Magic is the latest book from Guardians of Order for their BESM d20 line. The cover shows an aged wizard much like Merlin or Gandalf; a young teenaged kid that could be studying at a fictious magic school ala Harry Potter, and a female Dervish.

Advanced d20 Magic brings in a whole new look at magic in the d20 System. Based on the casting system of Slayers d20, the book introduces a new system in d20. The magic system in Advanced d20 Magic is sophisticated and uses the present system for Skill Based mechanics for spellcasting. Thus, it displaces the aged, Vancian System written in the original d20 Fantasy Game.

This system works by depending on the caster's training and his inherent stamina, both physical and spiritual. The system relies on the fortitude saving throw to save the caster from exorable magical stress. This stress is called drain. Basically, when a wizard or dynamic sorcerer casts a spell, he or she must make a fortitude save. If it misses by 10 or more, then the stress of summoning the magical energies takes its toll and stresses the character out. A control check is needed to see if the magic works, and the spellcaster becomes fatigued.

Book Description
Advanced d20 Magic provides players with a balanced, sophisticated magic system for d20 System role-playing games (including BESM d20). The book provides complete rules for a skill-based magic system, guidelines on how to accurately convert traditional d20 spells for use with the advanced system, and hundreds of converted and new spells for easy use.