Muhammad Sarfraz, "Advances in Geometric Modeling"

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Muhammad Sarfraz, "Advances in Geometric Modeling"
John Wiley & Sons | ISBN 0470859377 | 2004 Year | DjVu | 4,62 Mb | 334 Pages

Advances in Geometric Modeling illustrates the significance of Geometric Modeling in construction, design and manufacture, in not only the traditional industries such as automobile and aircraft manufacturing, but also in modern industry. This includes CAD/CAM, Computer Art, Entertainment, Education and Training, Visualization, robotics, medical imaging, visualisation, painting and media, and others.
This volume will

Provide a valuable source focusing on interdisciplinary methods and affiliate research in the area of geometric modeling.
Provide the user community with a variety of advanced geometric modeling techniques and their applications.
Collate and disseminate information from various disciplines such as; Curve and Surface Fitting, Geometric Algorithms, Visualization, Computational Geometry, Solid Modeling, Computer Graphics, Computer Aided Geometric Design, Splines, Deformation of Objects, Virtual Reality, Mesh Simplification, Multi-resolution, Texture Mapping, Reverse Engineering, etc.
Provide a source for researchers and practitioners who are looking for the latest developments in the field of geometric modeling.
This in-depth and well-illustrated book is an excellent reference for researchers, computer scientists, practicing engineers and those who seek state-of-the-art techniques and applications in geometric modeling.