Aesop 21 - The Son And His Mother (AudioBook)

Posted By: cybermad

Has the writing, the voiced sound, is joined to the lively vivid story illustration,[Aesop's fables bilingual teaching material]Not only may let English beginner in leave class interesting without the burden, relaxed, is kisses the child interaction study English to be good ebook!

1. Unpack
2. Simply transfer the mp3 file to your palm/ppc windows
3. Launch MeReader
4. Start Learning/Reading/Enjoying
5. Have fun
6. Thanks aSxPDA

You can listen the mp3 (AudioBook) from your favorite mp3 player (ex: Winamp, Windows Media Player, XMMS, iTunes, PocketPlayer, etc)

I love Aesop children story so much even i already older!!! :)
I usually play the AudioBook from my iPod... and listen it when driving or waiting for something.

There are 2 version: english language and china language!!! =D

Download Here: (BEST Quality.. Recommended to Download)
RapidShare - Aesop 21 (english)
RapidShare - Aesop 21 (china)


enjoy :)