AIDS, Sexuality and Gender in Africa: The Struggle Continues

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AIDS, Sexuality and Gender in Africa: The Struggle Continues

C. BAYLIES, «AIDS, Sexuality and Gender in Africa: The Struggle Continues»
Routledge | ISBN 1841420271 | February 2001 | PDF | 239 Pages |1,40 Mb

The book draws on first hand research and in-depth investigations carried out by a team of researchers from Britain, Zambia and Tanzania, and focuses on the gendered aspect of the struggle against AIDS.
The severity of the AIDS epidemic in Africa compels a rethinking of gender relations. AIDS, Sexuality and Gender in Africa examines what can be done, particularly by women, to stem the tide of the epidemic. In exploring responses to AIDS in six communities across Tanzania and Zambia, the authors draw lessons which relate more generally to countries throughout the region.
The research on which the book is based examines two hypotheses: first, that the success of strategies to confront the spread of AIDS in Africa rests on the recognition of existing gendered power relations, and second, that AIDS campaigns can be enhanced if built on existing organisational skills and practices, especially amongst women. Individual contributions record the way that AIDS is interpreted within a historical and culturally configured context and review the difficulties and successes of collective activities around AIDS. They show how both men and women must be brought in to the struggle against AIDS, but in ways which entail a re-examination of those inequalities of power which make women vulnerable and at the same time endanger men.
While full recognition is given to the severity of the epidemic and the threat it poses to the population and society, in contrast to some other studies, this account is optimistic in its conclusions. AIDS, Sexuality and Gender in Africa will provide a valuable source of information for those wanting to know more about the AIDS epidemic in Africa and the way that gender relations define the issues surrounding the action.

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