An Introduction to Genetic Algorithms

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An Introduction to Genetic Algorithms

An Introduction to Genetic Algorithms
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162 pages
Publisher: The MIT Press (February 27, 1996)
Language: English
ISBN: 0262133164

"This is the best general book on Genetic Algorithms written to date. It covers background, history, and motivation; it selects important, informative examples of applications and discusses the use of Genetic Algorithms in scientific models; and it gives a good account of the status of the theory of Genetic Algorithms. Best of all the book presents its material in clear, straightforward, felicitous prose, accessible to anyone with a college-level scientific background. If you want a broad, solid understanding of Genetic Algorithms – where they came from, what's being done with them, and where they are going – this is the book.
– John H. Holland, Professor, Computer Science and Engineering, and Professor of Psychology, The University of Michigan; External Professor, the Santa Fe Institute


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