Fading Suns - Alien Expeditions - Vorox

Posted By: rush11
Vorox is the first in the Alien Expeditions series, taking a closer look at the oft-ignored, multi-limbed Vorox. Not only does the book examine the Vorox and their culture, but it also provides a poisonous cornucopia of flora and fauna from the death-world of Ungavorox.

While a decent addition to the long line of Fading Suns supplements, the book fails in one important way: after reading it, I was no more likely to play a Vorox than I was before I read the book. It manages to describe the Vorox and their home, but outside of a few key sections, it fails to really inspire in me a need to experience a Vorox PC.

Still, it’s a good book, and any GM interested in running a campaign that deals with Ungavorox, dangerous beasts, or the Vorox is encouraged to grab it—the rest of the Fading Suns audience should probably thumb through it first and then decide. I liked the book a lot, but it failed to excite me in the way that Children of the Gods or Hegemony did.