Shalom Goldman, «Ancient Near Eastern Mythology» Audiobook

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Shalom Goldman, «Ancient Near Eastern Mythology» Audiobook

Shalom Goldman, «Ancient Near Eastern Mythology» Audiobook
Shalom L. Goldman (Emory University; Ph.D., New York University)

Shalom L. Goldman is an Associate Professor of Hebrew and Comparative Literature in the Department of Middle Eastern and South Asian Studies at Emory University. He completed his undergraduate work at New York University and received his M.A. from Columbia University. He went on to earn his Ph.D. in the study of Hebrew and Ancient Near Eastern texts from New York University.
Prior to taking his position at Emory, Professor Goldman taught at Dartmouth College. He has been a visiting professor at Brown, Case Western, and Ohio State.
At both Dartmouth and Emory, Dr. Goldman has received awards for distinguished undergraduate teaching. In 2002 he was recognized by the Emory chapter of Phi Beta Kappa for his contribution to excellence in undergraduate education.
Professor Goldman is the editor of Hebrew and the Bible in America, and the author of God’s Sacred Tongue: Hebrew and the American Imagination. Dr. Goldman also worked with American composer Philip Glass to create the opera Akhnaten.



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