S. Lekhnitskii «Anisotropic Plates»

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S. Lekhnitskii  «Anisotropic Plates»

S. Lekhnitskii, «Anisotropic Plates»
Routledge | ISBN 0677206704 | 1984 | djvu from 600 dpi | 534 Pages | 26674 KB

Three main topics are considered: (1) the generalized plane stressed state of anisotropic plates; (2) the bending of anisotropic plates, and (3) the stability of anisotropic plates. All problems discussed are concerned only with small elastic strains of plates. The material on the problem of transverse vibrations of anisotropic plates which is collected in a special chapter. The main attention was paid to the practical side of the solutions presented; formulas and conclusions having theoretical interest only were mostly given without derivation.