A Programmer's Introduction to CSharp

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A Programmer's Introduction to CSharp by Eric Gunnerson
Apress | ISBN: 1893115860 | 2000. | 258 p. | RAR | PDF | 1MB

Written as an introduction to the CSharp, this guide takes the experienced C programmer a few steps beyond the basics. It covers objects, data types, and flow control, and even delves into some background on the new Microsoft .NET Frameworks environment. Keeping in mind that this is for those familiar with C (and even Java), the book goes into some of the advanced features and improvements found in this new language. It also offers a comparison between CSharp, C++, Visual Basic, and Java.

• Provides in-depth information about the functionality of the language and CSharp “Quick Start”
• Shows you how to write components that fit seamlessly into the .NET Frameworks
• Includes CSharp reference information tailored for C++, Java and Visual Basic Programmers
• Suitable for intermediate to advanced developers and includes coverage of advanced topics in CSharp

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