Arts and Humanities Through The Eras, 5 volume set

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Arts and Humanities Through The Eras, 5 volume set

«Arts and Humanities Through The Eras», 5 Volume Set
Thomson Gale | ISBN 0-7876-9384-7 | 2004 | PDF Year | 62,91 Mb

Renaissance Europe (1300-1600)
The Age of the Baroque and Enlightenment (1600-1800)
Ancient Egypt (2675 B.C.E.-332 B.C.E.)
Ancient Greece and Rome (1200 B.C.E.-476 C.E.)
Medieval Europe (814-1450)

“In style similar to American Decades and American Eras, each volume in this impressive reference set represents an era and each era is divided into the categories: architecture, dance, fashion, literature, music, philosophy, religion, theater, and visual arts. Within these categories are lists of important events, overviews, topics, significant people and documentary sources. Each volume begins with an era overview. Primary source documents are separated in gray boxes throughout the text. A wonderful resource useful for research in the arts and history!” – Pennsylvania School Librarians Associations, May 2006