ASP.NET Database ProgrammingWeekend Crash Course

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ASP.NET Database ProgrammingWeekend Crash Course

ASP.NET Database ProgrammingWeekend Crash Course, Author : Jason Butler , Tony Caudill | Publisher : Hungry Minds | ISBN : 0764548301 | PDF | 2.78 MB | 409 pages | 2001

Who Should Read This Book
This book is for people who want to learn to write ASP.NET applications in order to access and manipulate data in a Web environment. This book assumes that you have a basic understanding of Web development, including experience with Visual Basic or Visual Basic Scripting in developing ASP-based applications. The book’s focus is on ASP.NET and ADO.NET
as a suite of components used in data-driven Web application development. It includes a CD-ROM with ASP.NET editor software and sample code mentioned in the text.
Organization and Presentation We’ve organized the book into 30 sessions, each requiring approximately 30 minutes. We divide the sessions as follows:
 Friday evening. Sessions 1 through 4. Reading time: 2 hours.
 Saturday morning. Sessions 5 through 10. Reading time: 3 hours
 Saturday afternoon. Sessions 11 through 16. Reading time: 3 hours.
 Saturday evening. Sessions 17 through 20. Reading time: 2 hours.
 Sunday morning. Sessions 21 through 26. Reading time: 3 hours.
 Sunday afternoon. Sessions 27 through 30. Reading time: 2 hours

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