Async/await in Javascript

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Async/await in Javascript

Async/await in Javascript
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Instructor: Tamás Sallai

How to write asynchronous programs in modern Javascript

What you'll learn

How to use async functions
How to handle errors in async code
How to use Promises and callbacks with async/await
The best practices on how to write asynchronous Javascript code


A working knowledge of Javascript (functions, web APIs, arrow functions, objects, …)


Asynchronous programming models are everywhere in modern Javascript. As there is no synchronous waiting, even setTimeout needs a callback. Because of this, modern Javascript programs tend to use many async functions.

From this course you'll learn everything you need to get started writing async programs. It not only includes the basics and a few examples but an in-depth discussion of the topics related to async/await. By the end of the course, you'll be confident to write, analyze, and optimize code that relies on asynchronous operations.

Why learn async/await?

Async/await is the mainstream today, after it became clear that callbacks alone tend to result in unmaintainable code (the "callback hell") and Promise chains require an unfamiliar coding style. It is supported in all modern environments (browsers and Node.Js) and most code written today uses it in some form.

By learning how it works, you'll be able to avoid the common errors and write code that follows the current best practices. You'll also recognize what examples are outdated when you search for snippets online.

What you'll learn in this course

We'll start with the basics, then build up understanding by looking into what happens under the hood. We'll detail how Promises work, as even though async/await does a good job of hiding the details Promises are still everywhere. Error handling is also discussed, as that is the part that is easiest to get wrong.

How async functions and await works
How to construct Promises
Error handling
Async performance
Common errors and best practices

Who this course is for:

Javascript developers

Async/await in Javascript