Audiobook | Take Charge of Your Life, by Jim Rohn

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Audiobook | Take Charge of Your Life, by Jim Rohn

Take Charge of Your Life (2002)
Author: Jim Rohn | Genre: Motivational, Self-Development

Recorded before a live audience, this very illustrative program will teach you:

• How to make your life better by making some small but significant changes
• How to become more influential, wealthy, and powerful
• How to transform responses into results
• How to communicate effectively with everyone you meet
• How to choose your attitude
• How to affect people with words
• How to control your emotions
• How to be persuasive
• How to refine your sales abilities and leadership skills
• How to make the past more valuable
• How to be prepared for the inevitable
• How to study and analyze possibilities

Narrator: Jim Rohn

*No covers included.

Detailed Summary

Discs: 6
Files: 12
Duration: 253 minutes
Format: MP3
Sample Rate: 32,000 hertz
Channel: Stereo
Bitrate: 48 kb/s

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