Auto Repair for Dummies

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Auto Repair for Dummies | PDF | 600 Pages

Book Description
Most of us don’t know the first thing about the machines we’re licensed to drive – and this can turn a ticket to freedom into a ticket to trouble. If you’re like most people, you probably tend to drive around until something goes wrong with the car. You then incur the expense of replacing worn and burnt-out parts (or the entire engine) when low-cost, regular maintenance could have kept your wheels turning for a long time.
Auto Repair For Dummies is indispensable for anyone who is tired of nodding and smiling at the incomprehensible mutterings of your mechanic, only to end up shelling out money for repairs that you neither fully understand nor always need. This easy-to-understand guide is also for you if you

Don't have the vaguest idea of how a car works.
Can't identify anything you see under the hood of your vehicle.
Are tired of other people assuming (especially if you’re a teenager or a woman) that you aren’t capable of handling repairs yourself.
Don't want to feel helpless in an emergency.
Are tired of being ripped off because of your own ignorance.
This book shows you how your car works; what it needs in the way of tender loving care; and how to keep from being overcharged if you need to entrust repairs to someone else. Auto Repair For Dummies also gives you the scoop on these topics and more:

What makes your vehicle go (and how and why)
A program of "preventive medicine" to avoid trouble
Shopping for tools and knowing how to use them
Diesel engines and alternatively powered cars
How to keep your car looking its best
Dealing with on-road emergencies
Checking your tires, alignment, and steering
By handling the simple maintenance and tune-ups and being able to diagnose trouble and perform the less complex repairs yourself, you’ll save some serious money. Once you break the ice (or crack open the hood), the heady sense of power will carry you through basic car repair and maintenance with confidence and ease.

From the Publisher
Keep your wheels on the road and out of the shop with this friendly guide to auto care. In plain and simple language, Deanna Sclar dispels the mysteries lurking under the hood by explaining every auto systemand shows you step by step how to diagnose problems, make uncomplicated repairs, and perform routine maintenance.

Discover how to:
*Keep your vehicle purring with routine maintenance
*Troubleshoot typical problems
*Remove small dings, dents, and rust
*Deal with flats and breakdowns
*Avoid getting confused by automotive jargon