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Automated Cryptocurrency Portfolio Investing with Python A-Z

Posted By: lucky_aut
Automated Cryptocurrency Portfolio Investing with Python A-Z

Automated Cryptocurrency Portfolio Investing with Python A-Z
Duration: 19h 38m | .MP4 1280x720, 30 fps(r) | AAC, 44100 Hz, 2ch | 7.23 GB
Genre: eLearning | Language: English

Create your automated Crypto Robo-Advisor | Portfolio Optimization & Rebalancing | Many Exchanges & Coins supported!

What you'll learn:
How to boost your Crypto Investments with Portfolio Diversification and Rebalancing
How to build an automated Portfolio Investing and Rebalancing Bot (Python)
Crypto Portfolio Optimization, Management and Rebalancing
How to measure and improve the Performance of your Crypto Portfolio
How to load the complete Crypto Markets data from Coingecko
Truly Data-driven Crypto Investing
Basics on Cryptocurrencies, Investing and Trading
API Trading and Investing with Binance, FTX and many other Exchanges
How to get programmatic access to many Crypto Exchanges with the CCXT Library
Python Coding and Object Oriented Programming (OOP) in a way that everybody understands it
Coding with Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib and Seaborn
Mean-Variance Portfolio Optimization
More advanced & practical Portfolio Optimization techniques
How to create Crypto Indices and Investment Benchmarks

No Python experience needed. This course provides a Python Crash Course.
No Finance/Investment knowledge required. You will learn everything you need to know.
A desktop computer (Windows, Mac, or Linux) capable of storing and running Anaconda. The course will walk you through installing the necessary free software.
An internet connection capable of streaming HD videos.
Some high school level math skills would be great (not mandatory, but it helps).

Welcome to the first-ever course on (Automated) Cryptocurrency Portfolio Investing.
Investing in Cryptocurrencies has been a highly profitable but also risky and volatile business in the past.
Did you know that you can substantially improve the performance of your Crypto Investments with
Portfolio Diversification (there is more than just Bitcoin and Ethereum)
Active and frequent Portfolio Rebalancing
…leading to higher Profitability and/or lower Risk!
This course provides practical and simple-to-use Python tools for
Portfolio Optimization
automated Portfolio Investing & Rebalancing for Exchanges like Binance & FTX

The course is structured in four Parts:
Part 1:  Basics & Prerequisites
Trading vs Investing
What you should know about Cryptocurrencies as an Asset Class
Trading and Investing on Exchanges like Binance & FTX
Loading tons of Crypto Market Data from Data Aggregators
Analyzing the Cryptocurrency Market with Python and Pandas
Part 2: Crypto Portfolio Investing and Rebalancing with Python
Building and using a Portfolio Investing and Rebalancing Bot
API Trading with CCXT
Required Python skills (Error Handling, Object Oriented Programming)
Part 3: Crypto Portfolio Management and Optimization
Financial Data Analysis & Performance Measurement
Creating Crypto Indices and Portfolios
Portfolio Optimization
Advanced Topics and Theory
Part 4 (Appendix): A Python Crash Course (optional)
Everything you need to know about Python Coding for this Course - no more, no less

What else should you know about me and the course?
The course shows how to do things right. But equally important, it highlights the most commonly made mistakes in (Crypto) Investing. There is hardly any other business where beginners make so many mistakes. Why is that? A lack of skills, expertise, and experience. And: Overconfidence and overreliance on intuition. As a finance professional with an extensive academic background (MSc in Finance, CFA) my clear message is: For Trading and Investing, intuition and common sense are not your best friends. Very often, the most intuitive solution is not the correct solution!       
This course is "not only" a crypto investing course but also an in-depth Python Course that goes beyond what you can typically see in other courses. Create hands-on Applications with Python and use it for your Crypto Investing Business!

What are you waiting for? Join now!
Thanks and looking forward to seeing you in the Course!

Who this course is for:
Beginners who want to start with Cryptocurrencies and want to do it right straight way (avoiding common mistakes).
Cryptorcurreny Traders and Investors who want to professionalize and automate their Business.
Finance & Investment Professionals who want to step into Data-driven Finance.
Data Scientists and Machine Learning Professionals with an interest in Investing into Cryptos.

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