Handwriting Analysis - Bart A. Bagget's Success Secrets of The Rich and Happy

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Handwriting Analysis - Bart A. Bagget's Success Secrets of The Rich and Happy

Bart A.Bagget,Success Secrets of The Rich and Happy
Empresse Publishing | ISBN 1-882929-01-2 | January 2001 | PDF | 249 Pages | 5,45 Mb

Happiness is a Choice. Wealth is a Decision.
A comprehensive self-help book which combines the best of handwriting, graphotherapy, NLP, timeline therapy, health, and spirituality.

This book is much more than a step-by-step method to acquiring wealth. It is a spiritual guidebook to tapping into your life's journey. It will help you align your career with your beliefs and values. It reveals the beliefs and attitudes of today's more inspiring leaders.

This is the definitive answer to life's most frequently asked questions…how do you become both rich and happy? This books reveals to you the methods, strategies, and processes to guide you into transforming your world into a life of true emotional and physical abundance. It shows you step-by-step how to change the way you think about the world, money, people and wealth, and how to control your emotional happiness

This book is for anyone who….

• Has suffered from "Is this all there is?" syndrome.

• Has suffered from a feeling of depression or sadness.

• Has struggles with not having enough money.

• Has worked too much and is not in emotional balance.

• Has a deep yearning to experience something more from life.

• Has been looking for a way to break free from fears.

• Wants to take back control of their life.

• Has all the material things money can buy and yet still isn't happy.

This is a book you can read cover-to-cover and never find a place to stop, because it is so compelling you can't put it down. Also, the book has a great layout and notable quotes just jump off the page. This makes it the perfect book to keep on your bedside table, to catch a few key thoughts before you go to bed. You will enjoy this book so much, you might find yourself giving away copies for gifts all year!

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