Becoming a Parent: The Emotional Journey Through Pregnancy and Childbirth (Family Matters)

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The arrival of a baby brings some of the biggest and most rapid changes that we ever experience.

Beginning with the decision to have a child and the factors that influence it, this book considers pregnancy and childbirth as a psychological event rather than a biological process. Jackie Ganley explores the fears and anxieties of prospective parents, and how these feelings change in the course of pregnancy. She tackles issues such as what it feels like to be in labour and addresses how the pain can be managed. Emotional recovery and the early days of parenting are also considered, with a look at baby basics such as feeding, sleeping, and interacting, as well as more complex reactions such as postnatal depression. Featuring case examples of real problems people have had, as well as discussion points and valuable 'Who can help?' sections, this indispensable book contains all you need to plan and make your own emotional journey through pregnancy and childbirth.

'The author's clinical and personal experience in my opinion provide a unique blend of professional expertise and life-experience … a well-informed and psychologically-oriented self-help manual on parenting.' Professor Alan Carr, University College Dublin

An emotional survival guide to pregnancy and childbirth

Like the other volumes in the Family Matters series, this authoritative new book provides expert advice to ordinary people struggling with everyday challenges.