William Cooper's - Behold a Pale Horse

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William Cooper's - Behold a Pale Horse

This is William Cooper's shocking book Behold a Pale Horse (1991) which has since it was first published over 15 years ago become the bestselling underground book of all time. One of the main reasons is probably the most accurate predictions it holds inside regarding the terrifyng future of our planet as powerful forces are planning nothing less than a total enslavement of mankind or human resources as we are called. An instant conspiracy classic when published the formation inside was not only very shocking but profound for anyone who read it and many people have since then changed the way they look on world events. The author, former U.S. Naval Intelligence Briefing Team Member and holder of Top Secret security clearance, reveals information kept secret by US government since the 1940s. It includes UFOs, JFK assassination, secret world government, war on drugs and many more topics which are not only relevant but crucial to understanding the world today. Cooper was privileged to see secret documentation and meet various insiders who convinced him that there is a major conspiracy ongoing to subvert USA to a totalitarian state ruled by a handful of people constituting a powerful oligarchy. Much of this has already come to pass and is common knowledge today thanks to such books as this. Carefully researched and fully documented, Behold a Pale Horse is one of those books which will surely keep the reader at his seat until he has finished reading it from cover to cover. It doesn't only inform the reader about our hidden history but delivers mindblowing analysis and connects the dots so anyone can sense the big picture for themselves. This book is a must read for all freedom-loving people, who are, at present, in great danger of losing their freedom and even their lives to a group of powerful and wealthy men, who are now, and have always been, in complete control of all the media, banks, and the New World Order. 500 pages, many pictures and documents. A must read for everyone.

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