The Big Book of Urban Legends

Posted By: Plesiosaurus

"The Big Book of Urban Legends", DC Comics | ISBN 1563891654 | 1995 Year | JPG | ~117 Mb | 223 Pages

The Big Book of Urban Legends is the first of Paradox Press' The Big Book of ... series. It is an anthology of one-page cartoon versions of many other unverifiable but sworn-as-true stories. The tales are introduced by Jan Harold Brunvand, the Indiana professor who has published several collections of "FOF" (friend of a friend) tales.

Here again are the nightmarish legends of the acid-addled hippie baby-sitter ("Everything's fine! She even said that she stuffed and cooked the turkey for us!" "Hey ... did we have a turkey at home?" "Now that you mention it ... no, we didn't."); the old lady who phoned her vet about her choking Doberman; and the unwise consumer who bought a pet on the wrong side of the border ("That ain't no Chihuahua, lady. That's a Tijuana sewer rat!").

Despite the recent Time magazine cover story on how we as a nation are all feeling good (unimpeachable evidence, that), the persistence of these urban legends shows us a country as besieged by fear of ghosts, murderers, demons and foreigners as we were in the days of the Pilgrims. Translating these urban legends to the comic format makes the stories merrier. Maybe retelling them in a medium known for wild fiction and fantasy boils the last grain of truth out of them. The grisly payoffs have the same effect as the punch lines in the old EC horror comics: a triform combination of moral uplift, shock and gross humor. Conscious of the connection to EC, many of the Urban Legends artists finish on an inside joke, using and reusing that familiar Tales From the Crypt climax: "Good Lord! (Choke!)"